Sandra was the first tech editor I’ve ever contacted and I must admit she has done her job really well, in a very professional way. She’s been very thorough in finding any inconsistencies in the pattern. She also had several ideas as to the layout of the pattern sheet, which made it more readable and more fun to read, I hope. She’s been very patient and, last but not least, has done the job right on time.

Justyna – Owner of Haberkula


A job well done

Working with Sandra was an amazing experience! I was impressed by her attention to detail and promptness in her editing of my pattern! She was very friendly and professional. I will be definitely be using her again in the future as a tech editor. Thanks Sandra for the amazing work!!

Ashlee – Owner of Smashlee Stitches

Amazing experience

I’m currently looking for Knitting Designers, who would like me to Tech Edit their pattern, in exchange for a testimonial.

In case you are interested, don’t wait too long to contact me, this offer is only available for a short time.

Looking for testimonials