Tech Editing

Have you always wondered what a Tech Editor does and how they can help you with your designs? Or have you maybe already worked with some Tech Editors, and are looking for somebody new for your next pattern?

For either of those questions, you have come to the right place.


What do I do as a Tech Editor?

Basically, I review your pattern, to make sure that all numbers are correct, the layout is easy to read to knitters, all grammar/language is correct and that you are following your own established style. In case you don’t have a Style Sheet yet (or don’t know what a Style Sheet is), I would be very happy to help you with that. The main benefit of a Style Sheet is the consistency from pattern to pattern, which is one thing knitters really appreciate.

My personal strengths are around making sure the structure of the pattern flows as well as possible and that all your numbers are perfect. I have a special focus on accessories, kids garments and sock patterns, but in case you have any other pattern, please feel free to contact me.

All of this, I can offer for both English and German patterns.


How do I work?

When you have a pattern that needs to be tech edited, you can reach me through the contact form, using the dropdown “Tech Editing Enquiry”. Please give me an idea of what type of pattern it is and how many sizes it has (in case it comes in additional sizes). You can be sure that I will get back to you within 24 hours to your initial enquiry.

I would like to have a first look at your pattern at that stage, so that I can confirm when I will be able to fit the work in, so you will get an estimated completion date. I will also then send you an estimate of the cost of the editing, before I do any work, so that there are no surprises at any stage for you.

Once we both agree on the details, is when I get started and work my magic.
I hope that all of this sounds like I am the kind of person that you would like to work with. If this is the case, please feel free to reach out to me through my contact form and I will get back to you.


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