About Me

I’m a German Irish knitter, who is now turning my passion for the craft into a business, as a knitting design tech editor. I’m originally from Germany, but have been living in the beautiful West of Ireland since 2006.

I learned how to knit (properly) in 2006, in the summer between finishing school and starting college. Like most other girls, I had tried it before, when I was probably around 10, but somehow the scarf and potholder I tried, turned into triangles. Don’t even ask me how I managed to do this, because I have no clue!

During my childhood, I can remember my mom knitting a lot, it felt like she always had a project on the go. She mostly knitted with circular needles, or with double-pointed, if the circulars were too long. This really influenced my style of knitting as well, I never got into knitting with straight needles at all, even though I tried.

The Tech Editing felt like a natural progression for me, I’ve always loved maths and Excel (yup, I’m one of those weirdos). I have completed Joeli’s course Learn to Tech Edit, and am now accepting new clients for Tech Editing of both English and German patterns. Head over to my Tech Editing page to find out more.

On my blog, I am sharing Pattern Reviews, Yarn Reviews and a lot of other useful bits of information for knitters and pattern designers. So in case that is what you more interested in, why don’t you have a look over there.

Thank you for visiting my page. In case you have any feedback or questions at all, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me. You can leave a comment, or contact me through my contact form.