Knitting Pattern Review

Pattern Review – Yellow Brick Road

I picked up this pattern, looking for something to do with a skein of beautiful blue yarn, that I got from a colleague from the US. Unfortunately the yarn band was lost long ago, so I’m not quite sure what brand it was.


The main pattern picture on Ravelry really caught my eye, because it showed so many different uses for this cowl. That was the main thing that drew me to the pattern. The added bonus with it was, that it is available as a free Ravelry Download.


The pattern itself is very straightforward, with all instructions fitting on just over 1 page. For people who like to print their pattern, I think it is important to know that the first page, contains a picture as well as instructions. This pattern is definitely beginner friendly, since it consists mainly of knits in purls, with the only exception being the buttonhole row, where yos and simple decreases are needed.


I used my favorite KnitPro Nova Metal interchangeable (size 5mm) for this project, which means I actually landed on the gauge the designer had in her pattern. For a cowl in general, gauge is typically not critically important. Since one of the main selling-points of the cowl is, that it’s a one skein project however, the designer notes that for this particular one, it is quite important to match gauge, to ensure that you don’t run out of yarn.


Once I got started, of course I didn’t read the chart right (read a purl row as a knit) so I started backwards. This shows that I have much more experience reading the written instructions, and need to pay closer attention the make sure I understand the charts correctly.

Charts are something that I am pushing myself to use more and more, because what would knitting be, without a little challenge for something new here and there.

Starting “backwards” made absolutely no difference to the completed cowl, and even though I know it, I don’t even remember it. It’s not one of those cases, where you make one mistake, that then in a way ruins the Finished Object for you, because all you can see when you look at it is the one area where you went wrong.


The project overall was a super quick knit, I could easily have finished this in one day, but instead took my time over 3 days picking it up while sitting in front of the TV at the end of the day.


The buttons I used were recycled, from a (suuuper ugly) sweater that I had picked up at a charity shop when I lived in London in 2010 and unraveled. The yarn from this still hasnt been used, because it turned out not to be as good quality as I had hoped, but I am happy that at least most of the buttons were put to good use. They really compliment the colour of the yarn.
Even before the cowl was technically finished (weaving ends in is the bane of my existence!!) I wore it out plenty and have enjoyed it every single time. I wish I knew what the yarn is, because I would definitely go back and knit more with this.

Some details on the buttons. They are a really shiny light blue, somehow I haven’t been able to capture that properly on picture.

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